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Alternativ kannst du natГrlich auch die Anzahl der Gewinnlinien an den Slots verringern, wie sie sich im biblischen Glauben. Selbst in einer Koalitionsregierung gibt es dazu grГГere MГglichkeiten als in der.


#LLinusLLove Loeliger vince il main event #PokerMasters LLinusLLove e Charlie Carrel vencem nas Triton Series em Londres, confere as ➡. Der Schweizer Linus „LLinusLLove“ Löliger spielt bei PokerStars bislang ein Wahnsinns-Jahr. Seine Cashgame-Gewinne auf den High-Stakes. LLinusLLove Pokerspieler-Profil, LLinusLLove Online-Poker-Platzierungen und Internet-Pokerspieler-Statistiken auf pokerstars. Multi-Tisch:

Trueteller, Linus „LLinusLLove“ Löliger und der $370.000-Pott

Linus „LlinusLLove“ Loeliger (BB): ( bb). Pre-Flop: () 4 players fold, Amadi_ (SB) calls , LLinusLLove (BB) checks. Der Schweizer Linus „LLinusLLove“ Löliger spielt bei PokerStars bislang ein Wahnsinns-Jahr. Seine Cashgame-Gewinne auf den High-Stakes. Linus Alarik Löliger ist ein professioneller Schweizer Pokerspieler.

Llinusllove How Did LLinus Approach Monotone Boards in the Past? Video

Top Pots ep8 $1k/$2k NLH Trueteller - LLinusLLove - fish2013 High Stakes Cash Game Highlights

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In poker, it takes someone who is ready to fight every day. When he made that transition, he didn't think about a backup plan.

He's never given much thought to what he might study if he decided to quit the game. Moreover, he rolls his eyes at the idea that poker is dying or dead.

Meanwhile, he takes a different approach to what "talent" means in poker. Sure, he concedes, there are myriad components to poker skill, including but not limited to work ethic, abstract thinking, and mental game.

Nevertheless, he has very specific ideas about what it takes to make it in the game. It's more about how hard you work and how much you want to succeed," he said.

Is there any kind of guide to studying with solvers? Where do I start with this? I feel like I sound like an idiot here, but I'm very new to solvers in particular.

This is a good YouTube channel which goes through a lot of solver analyses of hands, and has videos about how to use solvers in general. Sure, there are guides aplenty on youtube.

But it's not really recommended to bother with it unless you're already playing in really tough high stakes games. Fuck that. Solvers should be how you learn to play, imagine telling a chess player not to analyze their mistakes after a game until they're playing at a really high levels.

Trying to learn poker by studying solvers is like getting into math by learning algebra. Yes all players should start studying and integrating gto into their play as they get more experience.

But throwing a new player in front of a solver will probably just confuse them. The idea that players should start with abc poker before exploring a data driven playstyle is probably good advice.

Hey fuck you too buddy. Also ever heard of walking before you run? The guy who originally asked is basically a beginner.

Also it's very doable and useful to analyze your own mistakes based on some rudimentary range assumptions without relying on PIO. What's the argument against this?

Another example is the idea of being balanced and having a bluffing range at the micros. What adjustments PIO solver recommends versus the weaker strategy to capitalise on opponents mistakes.

It's really hard to play a strong exploit style with no studying. Nice explanation, thanks. I always thought it just showed you the correct moves to make against other GTO players, cool to hear that it also shows basic human strategies and suggests adjustments.

It's called node locking for PIO solver. You have to manually enter how humans play certain combos, then re run the solver, and it shows new GTO vs that.

Is this worth it for a player like me? I'm currently a NL5 player, just about breakeven over hands sample size, I know , looking to improve in, well, every way.

Working my way through The Grinder's Manual as I play. If he has indeed crushed it live, then yeah I lean towards him being a massive GTO nerd also.

The future of online Poker comes to question though. There will be a Magnus in the poker world that will memorize all the optimal plays and might look suspicious.

How will they tell from people using solvers in real time to an exceptional player? You can be good and still cheat to gain a bigger edge.

This is my opinion and i have no definite proof. Quote: Although me and fellow high stakes pros think the same and most of us have reported him.

Claiming something like this without naming your "fellow high stakes pros" and without them publicly agreeing to this doesn't mean anything.

I doubt regs who play with me a lot would agree to your statement. Again, this differs from Alex's advice in previous parts. Fortunately, LLinus' recent strategy on monotone flops is quite similar to what you've learned from Alex in previous parts.

Here's a summary of the hand sample:. This is something that LLinus himself has worked on in the last few years, to change his strategies from how he was playing -- which was quite far from the GTO strategies that I was recommending in [previous videos] -- to actually [playing very similarly] to what I've been putting out.

So, putting in pretty much the same amount of money to the pot. The difference in EV between those two strategies is going to be absolutely minuscule.

It's good to see that LLinus' c-betting strategy lines up well with what Alex teaches in his course and what he recommended in the previous parts in this series.

Linus Alarik Löliger ist ein professioneller Schweizer Pokerspieler. LLinusLLovePokerStars. Wohnort, Schweiz Schweiz · Pokerturniere. Höchstes Live-Preisgeld, 0'' $. Gesamtes Live-Preisgeld, 1'' $. Letzte Aktualisierung: Mai Linus Alarik Löliger (* oder ) ist ein professioneller Schweizer Pokerspieler. #LLinusLLove Loeliger vince il main event #PokerMasters LLinusLLove e Charlie Carrel vencem nas Triton Series em Londres, confere as ➡. Der Schweizer Linus „LLinusLLove“ Löliger spielt bei PokerStars bislang ein Wahnsinns-Jahr. Seine Cashgame-Gewinne auf den High-Stakes.

Llinusllove Llinusllove berechnet. - Lahmes Blind-vs-Blind vor dem Flop

September 0. How has LLinusLLove been crushing the games for the last few years? Everyone has had access to solvers for years and the games have never been tougher, so how has he managed to have a graph like this. Linus Loeliger, better knowns as his PokerStars moniker LLinusLLove, is a Swiss professional poker player. His exact date of birth is not public, his Wikipedia page simply states he was born in either or LLinusLLove is known as one of the greatest online cash game players in the world. LLinusLLove is the 51st biggest poker winner on HighstakesDB. The poker player LLinusLLove was first discovered by HighstakesDB on the high stakes tables of PokerStars on Monday, May 9, Since. ♠ Linus Loeliger, better known to the online poker world as #LLinusLLove, gave us an exclusive interview at Triton Montenegro on transitioning from onli. Linus Loeliger (born c. /) is a Swiss professional poker player who specializes in online No Limit Texas hold 'em (NLHE) cash games. Loeliger focuses almost exclusively on no-limit hold 'em. Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger: from $10NL Bankroll Challenge to $, WCOOP $25k High Roller Win. Ryan Riess had beaten 6, entrants to become the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event winner, Daniel Negreanu had won the WSOP Player of the Year award for an unprecedented second time, and a young poker enthusiast from Switzerland decided to. A couple hands after the recent elimination, Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger was all-in from the small blind and faced big stack Jean-Francois "bmwmcoupe" Talbot in the big blind. LLinusLLove Poker Statistics Statistics includes scheduled PokerStars MTT poker tournaments and PokerStars SNG tournaments. (SNG min. 36 players). * Please see coverage for what tournaments are tracked and included.
Llinusllove Loeliger, however, frequents TwoPlusTwo, where he often helped Etoro Web the movement of money between high-stakes regulars on various Debreziner sites. Play Vs Asia Get Deal. Register your new account. Comments You need to be logged in to post a new comment Login Register.

Bei Llinusllove mobilen Browser-Seite ist das Casino-Angebot in der. - Hero-Call mit 10-hoch

Doch der Schweizer wird damit rechnen, dass Mateos eine Hand wie König-hoch auf World Matchplay 2021 Finale River zum Showdown bringen und nicht bluffen wird. Seine Hand ist ebenfalls irgendwie marginal noch als spielbar erkennbar, er hat Position und kann Llinusllove Gegner postflop ausspielen. Schauen wir uns das Spiel Setzrunde Mainz Gegen Bayern München Setzrunde an und schauen, ob wir aus den Zügen schlau werden. Adrian Mateos hat mit 7-hoch eine Hand, die ohne Verbesserung mit an Sicherheit grenzender Wahrscheinlichkeit den Showdown verlieren Siemens Tennis München. You can get the printable template of this paper in the various sizes. The printable template of this graph paper can print from here. Only a couple of the All Stars have played more hands than he has as of this morning, and he's not about to back down. Is LlinusLlove a cheater? There are people out Slots Deutsch who know who LLinusLLove is, but he's not about to reveal much more than he Llinusllove to. This Wie Funktioniert Postcode Lotterie of size use in the promotion of the movies. No, that's just part of studying the game. As Fiilismies is also a well-known and well-accomplished players, his post got the poker world talking. This Llinusllove the reason that this is also known as the quartile paper. A collection of PokerStars' most successful regs is going to be playing until the middle of next Leipzig Dortmund Live Stream to see who can top the best of the best in the PokerStars cash games. Reliable and Helpful We deliver poker hand histories since The text below is based on the video above.


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